Accident & Emergency Unit

Accident & Emergency Unit



Accident & Emergency Unit

Accident & Emergency Unit

The Accident & Emergency Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive, emergency care to all patients from different walks of life, be they adult, pediatric as well as neonatal. It is also a secondary referral unit. The department is managed by full-time dedicated professionals who are specially trained in emergency care.

The Accident & Emergency / Outpatient Department are a 24-Hours service centre and are located on the ground floor of the hospital building.

It offers a complete range of outpatient and emergency care services that includes:

  • Observation Area
  • Orthopaedic procedure room
  • 24-Hours Outpatient Clinic
  • 24-Hours Specialist On-Call
  • 24-Hours Laboratory Services

At BINTULU MEDICAL CENTRE, our aim is to make your visit to our Accident & Emergency / Outpatient Department as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Should you have any questions, and concerns at any time during your visits, please feel free to speak to the Nurse Manager in charge or any one of our Resident Medical Officers who are on duty 24 hours a day.



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