High Dependency Unit (HDU)

Our HDU is 3 bedded unit located on the 3rd floor of BINTULU MEDICAL CENTRE, adjacent to the Operating Theatre making easy access when emergency life-saving interventions or procedures are required.

The medical and nursing teams coordinate and collaboratively manage the health problems of patients in a consistent, evidence-based approach to achieve high patient recovery outcomes.

Critical Care Nurses are also trained to delineate nursing diagnosis and collaborative problem as well as formulate appropriate nursing intervention to deliver holistic care to all patients.

There is an active liaison with the rehabilitation specialist & physiotherapist to ensure that patients are appropriately placed for acute and sub-acute care.

Generalized Intensive Care

General Intensive Care for both adult and paediatric populations. Requiring full ventilator support.

Acute Spinal Injury

Especially focus on acute spinal care. Management of acute cervical spine complicated thoracolumbar spinal injury patients prior to their transfer to the spinal injuries unit.

Acute Myocardial Infarct/ Acute Coronary Syndrome

Our consultant physicians are specially trained to handle all cardiac emergencies. From the Accident & Emergency Department, all competent personnel will attend to patients, after stabilization, he/she will be transferred to HDU for further care.

Outreach and Follow Up Services

Intensive Care patients transferred to the wards in the previous 24 hours are followed up in the ward by the consultant. This is to provide ongoing support and advice on the management of patients. The patients are seen on an ongoing basis for as long as is considered necessary.

The consultant may also be contacted at any time by ward staff who are concerned about the clinical state of any patient in the ward.

Patient Transfer Service

The Patient Transfer Service co-ordinates and provides inter-hospital transfer of patients by air ambulance or helicopter to and from other centres throughout Malaysia.

The transfer team consists of staff experienced in aeromedical transfer and may involve both a doctor and a nurse, or nurse only with additional input. The Intensive Care Specialist on for the day oversees all transfers.