Healthcare Shoppe


Our Shoppe Dispensary Department provides comprehensive pharmaceutical services to meet the needs of the hospital. The department consists of an Inpatient Dispensary, Outpatient Dispensary and A&E Dispensary.

Our shoppe Dispensary supplies medication to the hospital’s inpatients as well as the wards. Pharmacy Assistants personnel check the patient’s prescription for accuracy and appropriateness of treatment at the point of dispensing as well as before the administration of medications. Upon discharge, the patients are counselled on their discharged medications before leaving the hospital.

Our Outpatient Dispensary is located inside the Shoppe Dispensary on the ground floor. Prescriptions from both internal and external doctors are accepted here. A wide range of medications is available at the Outpatient Dispensary including limited and controlled medication as well as customized preparations.

Our Shoppe Dispensary, located on the ground floor, carries a wide range of products including personal care, toiletries, skin and healthcare, baby products, health aids as well as convenience products.

After hours, Dispensary services are available at the Satellite Pharmacy located at the A&E Department. The main function here is to dispense prescription for the A&E Department, provide discharged medication counselling as well as selected inpatient pharmacy services.

Operation Hours:-

Monday – Saturday                                           08:00am – 5:00pm