Labour / Maternity Room

The Labour Delivery Unit is specially designed for the safety and comfort of mothers and babies. Professionals that assist our clients are our staffs of highly skilled, professional obstetricians, Anaesthetists & Paediatricians. At Bintulu Medical Centre Labour / Maternity room, you will find:

2 Labour rooms and 3 bedded room for postnatal mothers. Each is equipped with maternal/fetal monitoring, medical gasses and television, to ensure privacy and comfort of your delivery.

A fully equipped nursery & isolation room to cater to the varying needs of your baby.

One breastfeeding rooms strategically located adjacent to the nursery to ensure privacy for you when you spend that very special time together. Rooming-in of babies with mothers is strongly encouraged.

A 24-HOUR operating theatre to cater to any emergencies.

At Bintulu Medical Centre, you are welcomed to submit a Birth Plan in advance if you wish.

General Information For Maternity Patients

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes, casual shoes or slippers, support bras, personal toiletries and clothes.

For your new baby.

Clothes to wear while in the hospital, bring disposable diapers, one set of baby clothes, baby blanket, mittens and booties for your baby’s journey home.

When to go to the hospital?
Please contact the Maternity ward at 086-330333 when you experience any of the following:
  • Your membranes rupture (water bag burst).
  • Contractions occurring at regular intervals.
  • Experience bleed or ‘show’, which is a plug of mucus with some blood.
  • Your contractions are causing distress.

Our Resident Medical Officer is available for advice 24-HOURS daily, so please free to call the Accident & Emergency Department at 086-330333 ext 110 for any query you may have.

What to do upon arrival?

If you require immediate assistance upon arrival, please have your partner notify the receptionist and remain in the car until assistance arrives. Our receptionist will direct you to the Labour room on the third floor.

Where to register?

If you have not pre-registered with the hospital, your partner will be required to provide all the necessary information to our admission clerk.

How to register a baby’s birth?

Forms and instructions on how to register the birth of your new baby will be given to you during your stay by the nursing staff.